Covid-19: stay safe, stay healthy & practice social distancing

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company Coronavirus Response:

covid-19 response: we want to hear you

parents & educators:  

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we have your back. 

take our COVID19 Response Remote Learning Survey to amplify our ability to get you empowered for the 2020-21 

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In the new normal, we need to know what you care about most, what you need most, and what you want from us the most. Most respondents complete the survey in under 7 minutes.

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your 1 stop shop Coronavirus response resource page @MetIncPowerCo

We've resourced K-12 education, meals, employment and COVID19 guidelines in a one-stop-resource page just for you. 

We're in this together, and we'll make it through. 

what we do:

transforming lives by dismantling the damaging effect of inequality of education in everyday places.

Covid-19 Response: stay safe, stay healthy & practice social distancing

Join the movement! help us shift the future of stem. sign the growth mindset pledge!

...because #withstemucan change the world.

Help Us Shift The Future of STEM and Plug the LeakyTech Pipeline. 

sign our growth mindset pledge. be the one to get us to 1 million signatures!

Have you ever hear someone say, "I'm not good at math," or "I'm just not a science person?" and "That's just too hard..?" Maybe you have even said these words yourself... Through #WITHSTEMUCAN learning labs and camps, we are helping students transform fixed mindset "I CAN'T" thinking into "I CAN" and "SHOW ME HOW" growth mindset thoughts and behaviors. 

We do this through fun and engaging project-based learning activities inside schools and out-of-the-classroom in public spaces coupled with healthy dialogue that reinforces their self-esteem through supportive mentors to cheer and navigate them along their learning journey. 

 The Building E-STE(A)M For Youth Partnership Alliance is our regional network of STEAM providers, educators, K-12 advocates, business stakeholders, and parents just like you all across the state of Georgia dedicated to combat the damaging idea in our society that, "some people just aren't math, science or technology people." 

Across the alliance we help each other create opportunities to reframe attitudes of who can do STEM, increase who has access to STEM, and raise awareness around the disparities of education equity. Using growth mindset and design thinking methodologies we transform lives of students and their families by focusing on all the things kids and their families CAN do with STEAM-based skills. 

Sign our #withstemucan growth mindset pledge.

We need your support! Help us shift the future of STEM by dismantling the damaging idea that only certain people can excel in math, science and reading. 

 Our goal: 1 Million Signatures to help students transition from "I CAN'T" mindsets to "I CAN" and "I WILL" behaviors Choose your pledge option: Parent, Educator, Community Leader, Advocate

Sign the Pledge

Our Back-To-School Fall Virtual Learning Labs Go Live


Covid-19: stay safe, stay healthy & practice social distancing

Help us pivot & scale during the health crisis with our everyday places virtual learning lab:

Covid-19: stay safe, stay healthy & practice social distancing

quality education 

is a human right.

amplify our ability to help youth & adults evolve, strive & thrive no matter where they live.


We're on a mission to turn everyday places into public learning classrooms and transform potential into empowered purpose. 

Join Us.

Get a sneak peak of how we transform public spaces to transform lives.

Our model is simple. Innovate what learning can look like, sound like, and be like by leveraging everyday spaces in the community people are familiar to dismantle inequities in education. We do this by providing access, tangible resources, real people to connect with, and strategic allies to provide practical, easy to scale and repeatable programs that transform lives where historically underserved and underrepresented citizens live, work and play.

Witness what the POWER of YES looks like at MetIncPowerCo by watching our sneak peak video from our Just Say YES to Reading Program & Storytime-N-Pop with Kid Authors Series in partnership with Barnes & Nobles Booksellers below.

Covid-19: stay safe, stay healthy & practice social distancing

what we know:

the data couldn't be more clear:

Why Our Work Matters

The data couldn't be more clear. The next generation is in need of programs that will help them make positive choices for success.

Join us as we transform what's possible through our 

Just Say YES to Youth Initiative, Parent University, BabyBoomer Tech & Community Learning Labs

Volunteer or intern with us

Our volunteers are on-site through opportunities at schools, running our community-based learning labs in public spaces or working virtually using tech to advance our mission to turn everyday places into public learning classrooms. 

By meeting the needs of people where they are, we ensure access to resources that help people evolve into their best selves. 

We welcome volunteers from corporate and small business to serve on our advisory board or volunteer at our programs who are passionate about transforming the lives of the communities that need intervention the most. 

See our current listings here on Volunteer Match.

F-1 OPT, H-1B considered. 

pivoting during Covid-19: stay safe, stay healthy & practice social distancing

our 5 key focus areas 

for youth & adults:

Learn about our 5 key focus areas

Our mission is to Equip youth with pathways to success, support healthy family foundations, and help communities thrive since 2002.

Award - Winning Service Provider

We are excited to be named as a 2019 Top-Rated Nonprofit by Great Nonprofits-the #1 source of nonprofit stories and feedback!

Read our excellent reviews at Great Nonprofits from partners, volunteers, and stakeholders! Share your experience here.


Our in and out-of-classroom experiences help equip students for pathways of success, support healthy family foundations, and help communities thrive. Learn more here on our Programs Page.


Our Community Learning Labs are pop up events where the entire community is invited to take part of the learning experience. We have something special for everyone- youth, adults, and seniors in everyday places that are easily accessible on public transportation. 

Our out-of-the-box curriculum turns everyday places into public learning classrooms in local malls, retail stores, hobby and craft stores, grocery stores, and more! Thank you to our Premier Host Locations: Microsoft Lenox Square Mall, Barnes & Nobles Booksellers, Office Depot, Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System, and The Home Depot.

In response to COVID19, these events have been shifted to online remote learning options through strategic sponsors, Google For Education, Eventbrite, Zoom Communications and Active Network. 

 Pre-registration is required. Scholarships Available. For more details visit our FAQ's page.


Your support means that historically under-served students, and their families living in at-risk zones or attending low performing schools will have access to rigorous learning opportunities regardless of their zip code. 

Help us transform lives with in classrooms, afterschool,  on the weekends and during holiday breaks providing rigorous educational opportunities that give additional "seat time" for learning. 

Make a contribution to Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company (MetIncPowerCo) today!

See additional ways you can partner your YES on our Ways To Give page

Upcoming Events

Register for our upcoming events on Eventbrite, or sign up to volunteer on VolunteerMatch!


for your health & safety we have Postponed our event with microsoft lenox square mall: 

4th annual just say yes stemfest. 

4th Annual Just Say YES STEM FEST

Microsoft Lenox Square Mall  Atlanta, GA 

((POSTPONED- TBD Anticipated Fall 2020))


coronavirus update to our programs: 

additional Postponed events: being the ceo of me monthly meet ups at bridgegrounds event center & starbucks 

about us:

Meet our leadership team:


Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company's leaderhip team has a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets, but we share a common goal to transform the pathways of success for the next generation.

Meet the leaders behind the mission on our Executive Board of Directors
Outreach Committees and Community Advisory Board. 

Meet Josette hutton evans, Founder/CEO

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empowered to drive results

Our Executive and Community Advisory Boards consists of stakeholders in education, business, public policy, health, and tech who help empower our organization through resourcing information, serving as subject matter experts, and help us increase our footprint, reach out  and engage with diverse stakeholders,  and assist our organizations in amplifying the voices of residents in communities in which we serve. 

 Members of our executive and community advisory board come from all socio-economic backgrounds, skill levels and life experiences to help shape our future priorities. 

We welcome members to apply for a position on our leadership team:  executive board, community advisory board.

Members are required to serve a minimum of a 2 year term, and have an annual $1200 Give-Get Fundraising Assessment, participate in employee sponsored company match initiatives, and other fundraising priorities as designated by the board.


Members of our Executive and Advisory Boards are led to invest our time, talent and treasure for mission-based outreach in the communities we serve. Catch us out in the community!

media gallery:

catch our leadership team in the field serving:

Catch our leadership making a difference

Our leadership team not only governs and shapes the direction of our programming, but gets in the trenches to do the work of transforming lives. 

See our community work by rolling over a photo to bring it to life

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great news that you can use:

MetIncPowerCo joins partnership with Kroger Community Rewards Program

We are so excited to announce our supporters and participants can now register our charity to their Kroger Rewards card for accumulated donations provided through the Community Rewards program! Click here to get started.

MetIncPowerCo awarded with invitation to beta test Walmart's Registry For Good Program

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company is part of a selected group of nonprofits recently invited to beta test Walmart's new Registry For Good program. Help us reduce our programming costs by shopping items right off of our registry list here.

Keysha Davis Agency and Allstate Foundation awards MetIncPowerCo with the Helping Hands Grant to expose more students to STEM, Reading and Financial Literacy Fundamentals in Henry County.

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company is the recipient of a total of $1500.00 in Helping Hands Community Grant dollars from Keysha Davis Allstate Agent and Allstate Foundation to expose more students to STEM, Reading, and Financial Literacy fundamentals in Henry County, GA.

Get to know our Premium Sponsor, Keysha Davis here.

what's new- insider chrysalis

blog highlights:

We're calling all kid authors to help us inspire kids of all ages to read kicking off this summer! 

kid authors will read a book of their own work & participate in a zoom chat about what inspired them to write their story!

during the activity, students will be invited to write & illustrate their own short story, while learning vocabulary words pulled from the kid author's book & participate in a fun Q&A session for prizes.

to apply, email [email protected]

We're calling all kid authors to help us inspire kids of all ages to read kicking off this summer! 

kid authors will read a book of their own work & participate in a zoom chat about what inspired them to write their story!

during the activity, students will be invited to write & illustrate their own short story, while learning vocabulary words pulled from the kid author's book & participate in a fun Q&A session for prizes.

to apply, email [email protected]

in response to covid-19, we're turning everyday places like your kitchen, living room and back yard into fun learning zones. 

in order to pivot virtually, we're calling on volunteers to empower our mission by serving as lead instructors, sel coaches, and guest speakers for our camps, classes, workshops & field trips! 

To apply visit our volunteer page at and if interested in serving as a guest speaker, town hall moderator send your resume or bio to [email protected]

thank you to all of the front line essential workers helping fight the pandemic! this week we are highlighting all of the amazing nurses during national nurses week, and we're excited to announce our advisory board is growing with our own special nurse- kiana ayers- our newest advisory board member! 

please help us welcome her as she adds invaluable knowledge to our team on ways to engage the community from a health & wellness standpoint. 

congrats to all of the graduating seniors of 2020- we are so proud of you! 

though many students were not able to attend prom, senior events and trips, and won't be able to walk across the stage in their cap & gown- this year we are calling you the #classofresilience for making it through so many challenges brought on by covid-19. 

hold your head up high, and know there are so many pathways of success in front of you, as you did what so many people put in your shoes may not have been able to do. 

congratulations! we can't wait to see how this experience will propel you to transform the world into a better place!

MetIncpowerco partners with local small business to donate over 200 resusable face masks to seniors 55+ 

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company was honored to partner with local small business owner Heaven Whitby Boyomo of Hardworking Heaven to supply materials, and cost of shipping for reusable face masks to be donated to seniors 55+ living in Macon-Bibb and Henry Counties. 

As of April 1, Georgia has over 8,000 confirmed COVID-19 positive cases with the majority of senior citizens and vulnerable populations being the hardest hit by the virus.

To help us scale this effort, we are asking for additional partners for support in shipping costs, material costs, and/or volunteers living in those areas to assist with drop-off locations. Thanks to our amazing supporters, we asked, and you delivered scaling our original donation to supply 32 additional masks to over 200 as of this post.

To assist, please contact us at [email protected] or donate to our cause with Hardworking Heaven directly at

For more information about MetIncPowerCo's response to the health crisis, visit our COVID-19 page here on our website at:

We heard you: BOT is here to stay, he has way more to say (and teach)! 

Our fan favorite, BOT, debuted at the 2016 Just Say YES STEM FEST to welcome participants, parents and educators as we unveiled our plans to create a region-wide STEM alliance. 

4 years later, BOT is now our #WITHSTEMUCAN Ambassador, teaching and reaching students everywhere in our in-school and out-of-class experiences throughout the community inspiring them to sign our Growth Mindset Pledge making a shift in thinking about who has the ability to learn math and science. 

In March 2020, we unleashed the potential of BOT by  opening our BOT Command Center as part of our Virtual Learning Lab, where BOT will be our official year-round Virtual Instructor helping engage students, parents and educators on growth mindset, reading, math and science fundamentals.

Our programs and development committees are so excited and thankful to work together with sponsor  William Schenold of Schenold Productions in Joliet Illinois, as we expand the ways our organization can reach and teach a new generation of learners and bring BOT to life.

To view BOT on our YouTube channel teaching growth mindset, visit him here.

To suggest a BOT video you'd like to see, or provide him a script teaching math, science or reading fundamentals for students K-12, email him directly at [email protected] 

(Yep, he even has his own staff email).


save the date! we can't wait! 

kicking off this summer, we are pivoting to an all new virtual platform in partnership with active network, brainchase, & google classroom! 

june 1-june 30 

just say yes to reading program summer reading challenge via beanbright

to sign up, visit here.

Metincpowerco expands babyboomer tech to reach & teach seniors 55+ in response to covid-19 dealing with isolation in a digital world

We've heard it time and time again through the news: COVID-19 hit the world hard, and the most vulnerable population are immune compromised citizens, and senior citizens.

For the elderly, Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company wanted to join in the relief for ways to help solve for the havoc the pandemic was causing this vulnerable population. 

In our post-engagement surveys, we noticed just how many seniors 55+ were completing surveys indicating they were the primary caregivers for our K-12 students. 

During our learning labs and Parent University workshops, we would notice how many seniors were having difficulty assisting their grandchildren with  navigating the project-learning activities when apps, the internet and/or devices were in use.

This prompted us to focus on expanding what we could do through our BabyBoomer Tech Program- a resource specifically for seniors ages 55 and up.

To ensure we were prioritizing what seniors wanted to know, we decided we needed to ASK FIRST. That is where our BabyBoomer Tech Virtual Town Hall and Survey took life. We knew prior to COVID-19 there was a need, and now with the pandemic in full swing- a basic  understanding on how to work their devices, navigate the internet safely, understand simple functions of their phones and tablets is a life saving essential.

To opt-in for BabyBoomer Tech Virtual Town Hall, our BabyBoomer Tech Senior Survey, or to stay connected with upcoming programs, courses, resources and more visit our dedicated Facebook page for the program here. 


georgia gives day is december 3rd!
just say yes you'll help us this expand the way we invest in communities this year

We are looking forward to another year of fun, fundraising, and raising awareness around the inequities of access to rigorous learning opportunities in some of the most underserved communities across Georgia.

As we countdown to Giving Tuesday, aka GA Gives Day, help us share all the ways Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company has touched your family, or community.

Share your favorite #WITHSTEMUCAN story on our Facebook page all month long in September, your favorite #KIDCEO story all month long in October, and #GIVINGTHANKS story all month long in November.

Then register to join us for our #GIVINGTUESDAY Partnership Celebration Luncheon as we honor our partners for the year. 

summer reading was three times the fun this year with metamorphasis powerhouse company hosting storytime-n-pop with 3 kid authors at barnes & noble for the 3rd year in clayton county

For the 3rd year in a row, in partnership with Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company turned the bookstore into a popup storytime and kid author showcase, but with a twist- this year it was three times the fun with 3 kid authors on a panel inspiring students to read over the summer and write their own stories! Visit our Facebook and Instagram to see our students shine!

Watch our video with Kid Authors Sonny B The Thinking Kid, Nation Chapman, and Cameron Michelle talk about their journey as authors here.

Metamorphasis powerhouse company hosts Being The CEO of ME character development & youth entrepreneurship program at the winning academy warner robins

We were proud to support Dr. Vanessa Bee and The Winning Academy 2019 Summer Camp with a pilot program for 50 deserving students learning about the fundamentals of business, and a deep dive into the character it takes to run a business through our Being The CEO of ME Character Development & Youth Entrepreneurship Program!

See these amazing students here.

metincpowerco hosts Partner-n-pizza  community clean-up party in dekalb county with area high school students & volunteers.

Our newest volunteers got their feet wet with impactful service immediately after the conclusion of our Spring Volunteer Orientation helping local area high school students clean up the highway in DeKalb County, led by Executive Board Member Demarcus Preyer.

We were happy to serve as co-host for this event alongside the Boy Scouts, Big Brother Big Sisters of DeKalb and Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church.

See the pictures here.

metincpowerco partners with hobby lobby of mcdonough for #withstemucan saturday learning lab on erupting volcanoes

Thanks to our community partnership with Hobby Lobby of McDonough for sponsoring our community learning lab classroom to help give access to rigorous STEM activities for students in the Henry County and Wesley Lakes school cluster. 

See the pictures here.

Metincpowerco kicks off data & analytics core team to add quality improvement and evidenced-based research approach to programming

In our effort to go from Good to Great in our processes, program measurements and evaluations and continue to evolve our ability to provide high-quality service to the communities we touch, Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company kicked off the Spring Volunteer Orientation with a launch of data-focused volunteers to aid us in creating more agile processes in our operations, additional tech mentors for our students, and additional capacity for 
development opportunities.
See the pictures of our Data & Analytics shout out on Instagram during National Volunteer Week here.

Our ADVISORY board is growing!
meet jenae carter-king

This past spring of 2019 we were excited to welcome our newest member to our Executive Board- Mrs. Jenae Carter-King.

Jenae graduated from MSU in 2013 from the College of Education. At MSU she was very involved, serving as the Secretary for Senior Class Council, a member of the Programming Board of Directors and community service volunteer with the MSU Rotaracy Club. She relocated to Atlanta right after graduating in 2013 and is currently working as a National Account Manager at a software engineering company.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, volunteering, spending time with friends, eating and wine tasting. She hopes to bring new ideas to Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company and the communities we serve.

See the pictures of Jenae in action at our recent Storytime-N-Pop event at Barnes & Noble here.

Metamorphasis powerhouse company partners with barnes & noble macon for summer reading pilot with kid authors 

Thanks to a community partnership with Barnes & Noble Booksellers of Macon, GA students were able to get inspired for summer reading and literacy help June through August with the help of inspirational reading from (then) 7 year-old kid author Nation Chapman. 

Nation read his book, "Popcorn vs. Nacho" which all the students loved, sparking a pilot program for Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company to take the program on a 4 city tour partnering with other Barnes & Noble locations, and South Fulton Public Library. 

Watch the 13WMAZ news broadcast about the program and our Summer Reading Book Tour with Nation here.

Metamorphasis powerhouse company has record-breaking participation for 3rd annual just say yes stemfest in partnership with microsoft lenox mall

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company hosted our 3rd annual Just Say YES STEMFEST in partnership with Microsoft Lenox Mall, and served over 648 students, parents, educators, and community stakeholders over a 6 hour period. 

Special thanks to our volunteers from Coca-Cola, Khol's, Wal-Mart, Verizon, and State Farm who assisted Microsoft and Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company staff in getting participants through the many workshops and educational STEM showcases throughout the day.

See the STEMfrenzy-Fun, and register for our upcoming 4th Annual Just Say YES STEMFEST here

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2020  sponsors & Partners

It really does take a village, and our work is made possible by intentional strategic partnerships, collaborations and eliminating silo efforts whenever possible. 

Thanks to the partnership of these organizations and funders, Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company helps communities evolve, strive, and thrive. Visit our Partnership page here to learn how you can become a sponsor, strategic partner, or amplify our efforts.

we are a quality guidestar rated nonprofit

transparency & excellence is our standard

Transparency is important to us at Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company. That's why we intentionally self-audit with GuideStar by Candid.

GuideStar is the world's largest source of information on nonprofit organizations.

How we use guidestar to ensure financial health

Through webinars, blogs, and the GuideStar Newsletter, our leadership team stays on top of the latest industry standards, trends, public policy, and philanthropic news related to how we govern the assets of Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company.

As part of their Nonprofit database, we ensure donors, supporters and partners are able to confidently partner with us for our mission-driven programs and services for historically under-served youth.