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just say yes to equipping youth for the future with us. 

Ways to give your one-time or monthly 

monetary donations

GIVE INSTANTLY via cash app:    $MetIncPowerCo

Donate to us directly in just seconds! Decide on your donation level in the app, and ZAPP! you just elevated your Karma status just like that! Use the buttons below to download this FREE app to your device from your app store.

Give Instantly Right From Your Phone via PayPal

Whether you want to set up a one-time donation, or give monthly- use our Paypal.me/MetIncPowerCo link for a quick instant donation right from your phone. Thanks! 


ways to give by shopping

MetIncPowerCo joins partnership with Kroger Community Rewards Program

We are so excited to announce our supporters and participants can now register our charity to their Kroger Rewards card for accumulated donations provided through the Community Rewards program! Click here to get started.

You Shop. Amazon Gives to Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company!

Whether you're needing to re-up on everyday supplies, or shopping for a special occasion, when you use our smile.amazon.com/ch/010612407 link Amazon grants a small percentage of the proceeds from your purchase to our nonprofit! 


additional ways to 

give by your own unique way

See additional ways you can partner your YES below

Become a Volunteer


Make a monthly Donation

A cash gift by credit card or check is accepted. Your recurring charitable contribution is appreciated. You can make an online donation here 




Partner your business and Host a program, Sponsor a community classroom or PopUp Event, provide volunteers and more.


Many companies will match employees’ donations to MetIncPowerCo. Click below to see if your company matches donations.

host anEvery day places learning lab

Let us transform your business, retail space, parking lot, conference room and more into a public learning classroom.


join our circle 2550 club

and amplify your donation with an ongoing contribution:

Join Club 2550

Take action and join our village of passionate, on-purpose and intentional supporters to help us meet our capital campaign goal of $25,500.

Your recurring donations of $25 - $250 per month helps ensure we have year-round staff including an Academic Specialist, Site Coordinator and Certified STEM Instructor.

Get special invites to our signature events, complimentary tickets to programs throughout the year, and acknowledgement in our Insider Chrysalis Newsletter and Annual Reporting. 

join club 2550

Company match eligible campaign

Whether you give a personal pledge, or sign up for our company match giving program- your $7 a day will allow us to provide consistent programming to at-risk students living across the 13 Child-Well Being Zones where "NO" has become a common denominator in their worldview.

Choose Your Club 2550 Level in our effort to reach 250 additional students in 2020:

Become a Member

your zipcode shouldn't dictate how much you learn or earn.

At only $7 a day, help us evolve what equity in education looks like to grab back

250 disaffected youth.

We've done the math, for the cost of your favorite coffee shop beverage and breakfast sandwhich we can transform those dollars into exposing more than 250 additional students across 6 counties to rigorous STEM, grade-level reading and real-world career path opportunities for the 2020 school year.

improve language nutrition for children birth through 5th grade

Just as healthy food nourishes a growing baby’s body, language nutrition nourishes a baby’s brain. Quantity and quality of nourishing language, like healthy food, is critical to brain development. Help us give early exposure to language as a means to set the foundation for cognitive ability, literacy, school readiness and, ultimately, educational achievement.

increase graduation rate & pathways to college/careers

Imagine a generation of students armed with the confidence and understanding to take control of their futures and equipped to achieve their dreams.

Help us empower students for a path of success, inspire their futures with the confidence and competence to navigate opportunities in the real world of business, finance, and college. 

close the inter-generational gap with disaffected youth through mentors

Whether violent or passive, the precipitation of young people with no skills, no jobs, and no futures is a huge social cost for the societies that produce them. Help us mentor disadvantaged youth who have started believe in the underlying promise of a successful future.

immerse students in design thinking, stem careers & pathways out of poverty

Help us teach students how to apply design thinking — empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test — to design and build their own solutions for challenges they face everyday, while learning the in-demand carers in science, technology, engineering and math. 

Our Goal: $25,500
become a monthly sustaining partner

checks can be written out to: metamorphasis powerhouse company

all donations are tax deductible


are you a host with the most friends and influence?

help us host a fundraiser:

Our services

upcoming fundraisers & events

Giving tuesday "NOW" in response of covid-19 is may 5, 2020

partner with us for giving tuesday NOW

Help us pivot to virtual programming and keep our on-site programs going year-round during the pandemic


join our ga gives day now fundraiser challenge by creating your fundraiser page

Love a challenge? Like seeing your name on top of leaderboards? 

Have fun scoring points as you race to the top during our GA GIVES DAY NOW FUNDRAISER CHALLENGE to help us scale our efforts in response to COVID-19. 

The dollars we raise will help us pivot our on-site programs to virtual platforms, while closing the gap for essential items that vulnerable populations need including reusable masks for seniors 55+, meals for students who rely on lunch from school, and technology support for families without access to devices.

Join the Fundraising Event


become a sponsor & strategic partner:

Sponsorship Opportunities

Leverage your brand and engage with more than 1500 participants 

at our signature event of the year

 4th Annual Just Say YES STEM FEST

choose your level

of sponsorship for just say yes stemfest 

become a sponsor

Note: Original Deadline April 24 Has Been Extended due to COVID-19


4th Annual Just Say YES STEM FEST

Microsoft Lenox Square Mall  Atlanta, GA 




just say yes you'll.....

stay connected: join insider chrysalis our monthly blog


we are transparent with our processes:

we are a quality guidestar rated nonprofit

transparency & excellence is our standard

Transparency is important to us at Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company. That's why we intentionally self-audit with GuideStar by Candid.

GuideStar is the world's largest source of information on nonprofit organizations.

How we use guidestar to ensure financial health

Through webinars, blogs, and the GuideStar Newsletter, our leadership team stays on top of the latest industry standards, trends, public policy, and philanthropic news related to how we govern the assets of Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company.

As part of their Nonprofit database, we ensure donors, supporters and partners are able to confidently partner with us for our mission-driven programs and services for historically under-served youth. 


frequently asked questions about your giving options:


See answers below to frequently asked questions related to development, donations, transparency and fundraising.

Our projects

How can I obtain your Tax Exemption Information?

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company is an award-winning state and federally recognized 50You may request a copy of our IRS Ruling Determination Letter via email at info@meticpowerco.org.

Our Tax ID is 01-0612407. 

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company is required to file a 990 form. 

Due to our operational budget, Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company has filed a 990-N postcard.

Our projects

What Public Trust Networks Are You Certified Through?

Public Trust is at the epicenter of all that we do at Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company.

That's why we routinely certify through the following Public Trust Sites and Nonprofit Resources:

- Points of Light

- United Way of Greater Atlanta

- Bright From The Start

- State of GA Secretary of State

- National Council of Nonprofits

- Georgia Center For Nonprofits

- Small Business Administration

- Serve University

Our projects

Where can I obtain a copy of my receipt for my taxes?

As of 2016, all donations, official partnerships and letters of support will kept on file for 10 years. Receipts for all cash donations are given at the time of receipt via donation postcard, and can be requested in writing outlining the name, date, program/event name, and donation. Upon substantiated receipt in our database, an acknowledgement letter will be mailed to the address furnished. Support given electronically via Paypal, GoFundMe, CASHAPP, Facebook, Eventbrite, or online on our Shop Page is electronically emailed as confirmation upon successful completion of a purchased item or ticket

Please be prepared to furnish date and platform of your support for the fastest reply.

To request documentation, please email donations@metincpowerco.org 

About us

how is metamorphasis powerhouse company different from other nonprofits?

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company's mission is to equip youth for pathways to success, support healthy family foundations, and help historically under-served communities a place where everyone can thrive regardless of where they live, work, play or attend school. To do this, we focus our investments on the building blocks of our lives and community – education, income, and health. What makes us different from other nonprofits focused on these issues is how we work. We are one of the FEW nonprofits that intentionally brings together people and resources from every sector – volunteers, advocates and donors; partner agencies, counties and governments to develop and deliver new solutions to closing the gaps of access to education- a key role in ending the cycles of poverty.

the impact of your dollars

Why should I give to the just say yes to youth campaign if I normally give to other nonprofit organizations?

When you give to Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company, you have choices. You can choose to give to our Just Say YES to Youth Campaign or to specify your funds to be targeted toward supplies through our Amazon Smile Wish List, our Club 2550 Donors circle, or a specific event where you can show up, take full advantage of the opportunity to see and share in the transformation that is happening in the lives of students and at-risk adults. When you direct your dollars to the Just Say YES to Youth Campaign, you are enabling us to provide the best value for your dollars and the biggest impact on community well-being.

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company's Just Say YES to Youth Campaign dollars help in tackling the critical problems that stand between us and a better quality of life. We intentionally partner together with dozens of stakeholders and fellow nonprofits to identify collaborative solutions that lead to positive outcomes for the community, like self-sufficiency and access to employment opportunities for all individuals and families, and academic achievement for all children, especially STEM and grade-level reading.

Trained community volunteers guide Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company investment decisions, and investments are directed toward our programs that have evidence-based proven effectiveness in creating sustainable and measurable contributions to youth outcomes and community well-being.

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company compounds the power of its Just Say YES to Youth Campaign investments with the collective clout of dozens of volunteers and advocates, business stakeholders, as well as county and state government officials.

The impact of your dollars

Where does the money go?

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company volunteers invest your Just Say YES to Youth Campaign contributions in local programs that strengthen our community, especially targeted where it's needed the most- historically under-served students, families, and communities without access to quality education opportunities. Those programs include after-school and mentoring activities that ensure youth are successful in learning, job and life skills training to make people employment-ready, help for people with immediate needs and more.

the impact of your dollars

Can I give specifically to my favorite issue area within the just say yes to youth campaign? 

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company is working to advance the common good by focusing on education, income, healthy families, and communities that thrive regardless of zipcode. These are the building blocks for a good quality of life — a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement and good health. And we want to make sure that no one is disadvantaged just because they happen to live on the wrong side of the tracks. Every donor has the option to designate to one or a combination of these areas. Donors also have the option to designate their gift toward specific youth and adult programs like #WITHSTEMUCAN Saturdays, Just Say YES to Reading Program, Being The CEO of ME, as well as our adult Community Learning Labs like Babyboomer Tech, Parent University, and more.

the impact of your dollars

How much of the money raised by metamorphasis powerhouse company is used for administrative purposes?

Less than 30 cents of every dollar raised by our organization is used for fundraising and administration — making it one of the lowest overhead costs of any nonprofit in the state. However, what’s most important is the impact that we are having in our impact zones by working together with community stakeholders like you. Your investment in our mission and programs provides tangible results for where its needed the most. We work with our partners to measure progress, so we can be sure that each gift to  Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company — each investment in our community — gets the best rate of return possible. Please visit our website, or sign-up for our newsletter to learn more about the results your dollars through our Just Say YES to Youth Campaign gets, and the difference your gift is making day in, and day out.


We absolutely love it when our supporters, partners, and donors SHOW UP to take part in the transformative shifts we are making in the lives of the communities we touch all across GA.

We welcome you to not just GIVE your YES, but come LIVE your YES alongside us whenever appropriate. 

$5 per week

provides curriculum and community field trips for 15 teenagers to learn essential life skills, get support for college/career preparedness, and shadow a mentor for on-the-job training.

$10 per week

provides 3 young people with after-school tutoring for vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing skills to improve grade-level reading across the State, 

$15 per week

provides one month scholarship for 2 students to attend a rigorous camp for science, technology, engineering and math

$20 per week

provides 65 families with Parent University and Financial Literacy classes to help them learn how to create healthy foundations within their homes for children, and how to manage their money and build better budgets to decrease the cycle of poverty.

Contact Us

We are excited about your interest in our organization. Please complete the following form to help us learn more about you.  You can download the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION to complete and submit it at a later date. If you have additional information or documentation to submit, please email it to volunteer@metincpowerco.org. Thank you!

Contact Info

PO BOX 16695 Atlanta, GA 30321