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We are evolving minds everyday through transformative learning experiences in everyday places where people live, work and play.

We work closely with schools and parents to assign each child a mentor or academic buddy. Our team evaluates the mentor and academic buddy, the child and the parent or guardian to ensure that the relationship is meaningful, impactful and safe for everyone involved.

Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company mentors establish genuine relationships with their mentee(s) to empower them with the necessary skills for everyday life. 
Our organization looks forward to making a lasting impact in the next generation by closing the intergenerational divide between adults and youth.

We need a wide variety of strengths and skills to help a child in need today, which will change their tomorrow!
Learn more about becoming a Mentor or Academic Buddy in our opportunity listings on Volunteer Match.

growth mindset & design thinking

The concept of a growth mindset was developed by psychologist Carol Dweck and popularized in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.

Our Programs propel
Self-Determination because we know students who embrace growth mindsets- the belief that they can learn more or become smarter if they work hard and preserve- may learn more, learn it more quickly, and view challenges and failures as opportunities to improve their learning and skills.

Our programs inspire Self-Discovery because students who learn how to leverage growth mindset, adapt to challenges easier and discover more about their own abilities to create solutions both in and outside of the classrooms. 

Through growth mindset, we help students learn that every choice has a positive or negative consequence, and by thinking before they act about preferred outcomes, they can make wiser life choices and avoid negative decisions.

language nutrition/ grade-level reading

Our Just Say YES to Reading program is a four-day before or afterschool program offering Academic literacy, Financial Literacy, and STE(A)M.

Students focus on sight words, vocabulary standards, writing, and work with reading coaches to increase grade-level reading outcomes.

Students are invited to our community learning labs in partnership with Barnes & Noble & South Fulton Library, where they participate in peer-led reading by kid authors, write their own stories, and explore the concept of putting voice and action behind their thoughts.

youth entrepreneurship

Our Being The CEO of ME Character Development & Youth Entrepreneurship Program teaches students the fundamentals of character, self-discipline along with business fundamentals. 
Students participate in three 6 week trainings with business owners, guest speakers, and attend community learning lab field trips to curate their own product or service, pitch their offers in a Shark Tank simulation, and participate in PopUp Marketplaces all across Metro Atlanta and surrounding counties.

High school students are invited to participate in the Youth Leadership Academy- a quarterly meet up where they learn civic engagement through community service, town halls, and peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities.

STE(A)M immersion

Our #WITHSTEMUCAN Saturdays Program in partnership with Microsoft is a monthly immersion session with themed project-based  hands-on activities to increase historically under-served students with access to fundamentals in coding, computer science, engineering, mechanics, math, The Arts, and expose them to STEM mentors.

During the first Saturday of May in partnership with Technology Association of GA, we host a STEAM Educational Showcase PopUp Festival- Just Say YES STEM FEST open to the public. Students, Parents, Educators and STEM advocates are immersed in a full day of coding, chess, and more in celebration of GA STEM DAY.

Who We Serve

Our programs are open to all students, with all levels of learning. 
We serve children and adults of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

In our mission to close the gaps of access for rigorous learning opportunities we are proud to serve:
- Elementary, Middle and High Schools 
To become a host school click here
- Alternative Schools
- Community and Recreational Centers
- Libraries
- Faith-Based Institutions 
- Group Homes 
- Students in Juvenile Detention Centers  
- Youth Groups / Community Organizations

participating in our Just Say YES to Youth Initiative program engage in life changing experiences, field trips, conferences, events, workshops, culturally-relevant activities and are embraced by a comprehensive system of mentors and community partners that are dedicated to supporting them on their journey.
Our In-school programming consist of weekly or bi-weekly mentoring sessions combined with activities and experiences that will further expose students to a plethora of life opportunities that will encourage and motivate them to strive for their excellence. 

All In-school program participants are strongly encouraged to participate in our Out-of-Classroom focused Community Learning Labs where we engage with their family, friends and caregivers to further support their access to healthy family foundation support, additional academic learning opportunities through project based activities, and Parent University Workshops.

Where We Serve

Our programs are designed to be mobile and dynamic allowing us to impact communities at the local, state and national level.
In Georgia, we intentionally focus our support within 6 of the 13 Child-Well Being Zones identified by The United Way of Greater Atlanta Child-Well Being Index

Why We Serve


We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to explore, expand their horizons, and expect great things over their lives.
Our programs help students transform "I CAN'T" thinking into "I CAN" and "I WILL" behaviors.

our core founding principles of operation

our founding tenets & operational principals

Behind our mission lie 2 core tenets that underline all that we do:

1. Children from at-risk, historically under-served, and/ or "troubled" communities are far more likely to grow to healthy, self-reliant adulthood (and then to help build a better community themselves) if a critical mass of the adults around them are well versed in the techniques of effective parenting, and are engaged in local educational, social, and growth-mindset activities with their children.

2. The earlier a child is served by sound health care, appropriate intellectual and social stimulation, and consistent guidance from loving, attentive adults, the more likely that child will be to grow into a productive citizen.

Intervention at later stages is still important and often required both for the benefit of older children themselves, and for younger children who see them as role models. But we know intervention at later stages is more costly, and families and communities will need fewer of these later efforts if the earliest intervention is effective. 

These Twin Principles- a critical mass of engaged, effective families, and early and progressive intervention in children's development - form the foundation of what has become the Just Say YES to Youth Initiative Program and Parent University model at Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company. 

By concentrating services on children and residents in a specific geographic area, providing best-practice evidenced-based services, engaging adults in the programs and projects, and evaluating the results, we have taken up the charge to change the opportunities, expectations, and outcomes families living in 6 of the 13 target Child-Well Being Impact Zones across Georgia. 

We believe that in order to fulfill our purpose of supporting healthy and thriving families and communities in Georgia and striving toward our vision for an inclusive Georgia, that we must incorporate 6 principal operations within our programs and services:

By informing and training communities and others on what we know about children's crisis issues across Georgia. By providing educational events that inspire children and adults who care for them to learn through project-based, social-emotional learning, academic and financial literacy programs, and providing access to historically unrepresented populations in STEM fields, advancing existing education and science programs in order to close gaps of equity in education.
By appealing to those who can make a difference in education and community programs and public policy such as faith communities, community coalitions, business stakeholders, policy matters, by defending human rights and civil rights secured by law. Combating community deterioration, juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, and supporting youth and adults in transition to reduce generational poverty, and the school-to-prison redivism rate.
By motivating communities to act-speak up for- and service the needs of families and children or individuals in crisis all over Georgia.
By connecting communities and individuals to information, educational programs and service programs that will help propel them into a stable and bright future.
resource information
By providing access to materials, data, and/or expertise through advocacy organizers, agencies, educators, professionals, business stakeholders, and other means to assist with the maintenance and development of new and existing programs, initiatives, and remedies for children and adults.
provide charitable relief
By providing relief to the poor, underprivileged, populations in crisis or at-risk; lessening the burdens of government for the purpose of community and family self-sufficiency, supporting existing organizations that provide services to adults and children all across Georgia.

our mission is rooted in our founding tenets to: educate. advocate. mobilize. network. resource information. provide charitable relief.

collaboration. our favorite word.
learn how we work to help communities thrive:

They say It takes a village to impact the life of a child. Our goal to form long-lasting impactful and measurable ways to help communities thrive couldn't happen without the amazing strategic partnership of our volunteer, partners and sponsors.

We impact, engage and support communities through volunteers in a number of ways as they lend their passion, professional expertise, advocating and educating on behalf of issues, as well as donating their time and resources.  

our mission is rooted in our founding tenets to: educate. advocate. mobilize. network. resource information. provide charitable relief.

increase our impact: what you can do is what we need. Say yes, you'll join us.

Through a network of partners, educators, parents and students we are helping communities thrive by serving as the unifying voice of transformation through access of sustainable resources, education and essential life skills.

​ Our goal for 2019-2021 is to create a virtual one-stop-shop statewide database for STEM, and Grade-Level Reading support and connect our historically under-served students, parents, with certified educators and strategic partners to increase the level of immersion of essential life skills, leadership skills and STEM education, and close the gap of access and inequity of education that exists across our state. 


Below is a snapshot of how we work together to close the gaps of access in education for historically under-served students and communities.


Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company is a federally recognized 501(c)3 organization by the IRS. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent by law. 

 Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company regularly files 990-EZ; 990-N Form with the IRS as required by our IRS Determination. Request a copy of our IRS Determination Ruling here.

we are a quality guidestar rated nonprofit

transparency & excellence is our standard

Transparency is important to us at Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company. That's why we intentionally self-audit with GuideStar by Candid.

GuideStar is the world's largest source of information on nonprofit organizations.

How we use guidestar to ensure financial health

Through webinars, blogs, and the GuideStar Newsletter, our leadership team stays on top of the latest industry standards, trends, public policy, and philanthropic news related to how we govern the assets of Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company.

As part of their Nonprofit database, we ensure donors, supporters and partners are able to confidently partner with us for our mission-driven programs and services for historically under-served youth. 

just say yes to youth initiative

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